Why Choose West Georgia Woman Magazine?

West Georgia Woman magazine aspires to operate with the utmost transparency and integrity within our industry while providing local businesses valuable opportunities to reach West Georgia’s most influential decision-making audience — women.

Why Magazines?

Print Advertising = Power

-Magazines rank #1 in influencing consumers to start a search online — higher than newer media options.

-Print magazines are the most preferred place to look at advertising, and they rank #1 in commanding consumer attention and advertising acceptance.

-91% of adults read print or digital magazines.

-Magazines are #1 in reader engagement.

-The average reader spends 40 minutes reading each print issue.

-Magazine ads work 24/7.

-Readers save their magazines, and often share them, so they frequently have many readers per copy.

-When consumers are reading magazines, they’re focused. They spend considerable time reading cover to cover, and most importantly they’re not distracted, they’re not multi-tasking or multi-screening when they’re engaged with their favorite titles.

-More than half of magazine readers act on the ads they see in magazines.

-Across 60 product categories, magazines rank #1 or #2 among super influentials — more than any other medium.

Source: MNI-The Power of Print in a Digital AgeMedia and BIGresearch Simultaneous Media.

Why Advertise to Women?

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:

• 91% of New Homes • 66% PCs • 92% Vacations • 80% Health Care • 65% New Cars • 89% Bank Accounts • 93% Food • 93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals • 58% of Total Online Spending

“U.S. Women Control the Purse Strings”

Women make 80% of their families health care decisions.

85% of women choose their children’s primary care provider.

84% of women take their children to medical appointments.

Women are in charge of $20 trillion in spending annually. “… It would be foolish to ignore or underestimate the female consumer … women seek to buy products and services from companies that do good for the world … especially for other women … a focus on women as a target market will up a company’s odds of success …”

Women control 88% of every disposable dollar in the house-hold and decide how that money will be spent.

“Women Call the Shots at Home”

Source: She-conomy, Nielsen, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Healthgrades, Harvard Business Review, CNN Money and Pew Research Center.