Q. Do you charge the people you feature in West Georgia Woman?

WGW: Absolutely not. The stories we write about the women in our communities are always provided free of charge. We feature women we find interesting and who we believe add value to the publication from the cover feature to the business owner. We all have a story and we want to share these stories with the women in our communities. The wonderful thing about our publication is a woman does not have to be a high-profile person to be included in the magazine. You never know who we might feature next – your mother, daughter, sister, co-worker, your neighbor or even you! If you have a story about an inspiring woman, a fabulous local business owner or an amazing female student athlete or coach, please let us know! Email us at features@westgeorgiawoman.com, and you may see them in the magazine one day!

Q. Where do you get your material for the magazine?

WGW: Simply put, from you! Our readers provide stories about local women in our communities making a difference or who have an inspiring story. We are always searching for good stories about fabulous women in the community. West Georgia Woman prides ourselves on never using purchased editorial, or stock, content for our written articles. All of our articles are written by our staff so we can provide interesting content to our most important clients – our readers.

Q. How often do you publish West Georgia Woman?

WGW: West Georgia Woman magazine is a monthly publication. If you just found us and would like to see past issues, visit our website at www.westgeorgiawoman.com to find links to previous issues. You can also sign up for a digital subscription there. Getting West Georgia Woman in your email inbox means you’ll never miss an issue.

Q. How much does your magazine cost?

WGW: West Georgia Woman is free to the public. When you are out and about and you see the magazine, feel free to pick it up and take it home with you. West Georgia Woman is completely supported by our VIP’s (Very Important Partners), our advertisers. That is why it is extremely important to let our advertisers know that you saw their ad in the magazine when you do business with them so we can continue to provide this wonderful resource to you.

Q. I love West Georgia Woman magazine! Where can I pick up a copy?

WGW: Our magazines are distributed in over 750 locations throughout West Georgia such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, libraries, banks, beauty salons and nail salons. Often, women see the magazine and take it home with them because they love reading it, and it can be harder to find them toward the end of the month in the offices and salons. We always have racks inside the foyers of Publix and Kroger in Carrollton, Southern Home and Ranch on North Park Street, A Plus Size Consignment store on South Park Street and Food Depot and Morgan Oil on Maple Street in Carrollton. We also have some at the Publix at Mirror Lake in Villa Rica, on a rack at Piggly Wiggly in Bowdon and have them at the Piggly Wiggly in Buchanan and Tallapoosa. We have them at all three Lee-King and Lee-Goodrum pharmacy locations in Newnan, the Apothecary Shoppe in Douglasville and Villa Rica and the Vitamin Shoppe in Hiram. We also distribute in Wedowee and Roanoke, Alabama and many other locations throughout West Georgia. We are adding more locations daily. Hurry and get your copy before they’re gone!

Q. The quality of your magazine is amazing, from the beautiful thick pages to the wonderful articles, to the outstanding color quality. Is it really expensive to advertise in your magazine?

WGW: Our advertising rates are very inexpensive considering the premium quality product we provide at no charge to the women of West Georgia every month. In fact, our rates are often lower than many other local glossy magazine publications. We provide a beautiful, high-quality, premium product that our readers enjoy holding and reading from cover to cover. We provide interesting and valuable content our readers often share with others time and time again, and most important, your ad won’t get lost in a busy jumble of ads and boring editorial in West Georgia Woman magazine. We have many sizes of advertising that will fit your budget, and you can rest assured that we operate with the utmost transparency and integrity within our industry. We would love to work with you. Give us a call today at 404.502.0251 or email us and we will provide customized advertising for your business: sales@westgeorgiawoman.com.